বাংলাদেশের মতো জনবহুল দেশে সামাজিক দূরত্ব বজায় রাখা কঠিন। তারপরেও আশা করবো, আমাদের জনগণ প্রিয়জনদের নিরাপত্তার জন্য এই কাজটি করবে। স্বার্থপর না হয়ে মহামারীর এই দিনে আশা করবো দেশের মানুষ সচেতনতার পরিচয় দিয়ে - সবাই কে সুস্থ রাখার চেষ্ঠা করবে।  আশেপাশের সবাইকে সচেতন করুন। এই মহামারী একদিন শেষ হবেই ইন্শাআল্লাহ। ঘরে থাকুন, যেকানে সেখানে কফ থুথু ফেলা বন্ধ করুন। বয়স্ক মুরুব্বীরাই সব চেয়ে বেশী ঝুঁকির মধ্যে তাদের নিরাপত্তা নিশ্চিত করুন। সবার জন্য রইলো ভালোবাসা। সবাই সুস্থ থাকুন।

♥ I Love Chittagong ♥

Welcome to Beautiful Chittagong

Chittagong, a mystical ‘Sufi’ land surrounded by mountains, rivers and the Bay of Bengal! Karnaphuly river that runs from the Lushai hills of Mizoram India, and flows through Chittagong to the Bay of Bengal. Chittagong’s geographical characteristics are defined by this river, and because of it an ancient sea port is in Chittagong. The river Halda, the only natural carp breeding ground in the world.
Even though Chittagong is part of Bangladesh, it has its own language, culture and heritage. People of Chittagong
are known as Chittagonian / Chatgaaiya. They are very well known for their warmth and hospitality, and they are proud of having their own local language.
The abbreviation for Chittagong is CTG. In 2018, the officials in Bangladesh made a name change from Chittagong to Chattogram. In this site, we will continue to call it "Chittagong".

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The home of Grameen Bank. Noble peace laureate Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank who made the idea of micro-credit known around the world. The idea that "not only the rich but also the poor deserves to get a loan from a bank" was born here.

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Financial Capital of Bangladesh

Great pride for the people of Chittagong is their language and culture. Chittagong is the financial capital of Bangladesh and home to over 16 million people, making it the second largest city in Bangladesh. Chittagong's economy is larger than whole of Myanmar/Burma and 4 times of Nepal.
People here speak Chittagonian, and by the number of speakers, the Chittagonian language is ranked 63rd in the world.
This site is all about Chittagong - its people, food, music, culture, heritage and above all, the Chittagonian pride.
Enjoy your stay!

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