Chittagong is all yours to Discover ! ! !

♥ ----- The Mission ----- ♥

"Promoting the culture
protecting the Chittagonian language from extinction."

When I moved to New York City I started to hear a common question from my newly met friends, "Where are you from?" I could've just say, "Asia" or "South-Asia", but I liked to give more details. I realized not many people were familiar with the part of the world where I come from, so it's usually takes me longer to explain.

I also found out there are not that many sites about my hometown, Chittagong, which totally surprised me.

In NYC, I met people who spoke different tongues (wow, how diverse the world is!) I became fascinated by different languages and cultures. I also learned that 1 language goes extinct every other week.

The proportion of the Chittagonian language speakers to the world’s population is about 0.0025%

I decided that I have to take the initiative to introduce my language and culture to the world. Well, here we are. For my beloved Chittagong.

This is a non-profit website and its sole purpose is educational. My goal is to promote the culture, heritage and tradition of Chittagong and the Chittagonian language. I want my language to be around and well preserved for generations to come.