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An ancient gateway to the South-East Asia by the river Karnaphuli; ergo, it attracted interlopers. Known as the "Queen of the East." Many believes the name "Chittagong" came from Rakhaine word 'tsi-tsi-gong' which means "War Should Never Be Fought." Despite the meaning of our land's name, many battle were fought over Chittagong.

The Gupta Empire and the Pala Empire were in Chittagong till the 7th century Rakhaine/ Arakanese rule. Arabs started their trade during the 9th century. In 1299, Muslims settled and controlled Chittagong, and later the Arakanese took it over. But the Mughals and the Arakanese fought during 1666 and the Mughals gained control over the region. The Portuguese tried to take "Porto Grande de Bengala", in the 18th centrury but couldn't and in 1776 the British took over "Shetgang", the name of Chittagong known to them. In 1971, the Pakistani navy bombed the land and burned houses during Bangladesh's liberation war.

Yet, people of this region are very peaceful. They truly lived up to the name 'tsi-tsi-gong'. Chittagonian don't believe in war but if necessary, they are not afraid to challenge and die for their belief.

It was in this region that the first rebellion against the British Empire in the Indian sub-continent took place. Surya Sen and a few teenagers who dared to challenge the British Empire for the first time and shook them so hard that eventually they had to leave our land. Chittagong, where an important piece of revolutionary history was born! We dared to claim and took back everything that was rightfully ours. Colonizers from around the world came here and took a lot of our resources but they were never able to take from us of our most valuable treasure: "The Chittagonian Pride."    Click here for more »