"A language is a dialect with an army and navy" --- Max Weinreich

Chittagonian is our Mother Tongue; not Bengali
Chittagonian language map

Facts at a Glance

Alternate Names:
Chatgaiyan Buli, Chatgaya
Language Family:
Total Speakers:
Over 16 Millions
Spoken In:
Bangladesh, India, Myanmar
Sister Languages:
Assamese, Oriya, Rohingya, Sylheti
Word Order:

Chatgaya Bhasha

Political conditions can influence over the status of a language or dialect. Chittagonian and Bengali comes from the same linguistic roots but currently, they are not mutually intelligible; yet some people try to label it as a dialect of Bengali. Chittagonian is not a dialect but a language because Bengali speaking people do not understand it.

Since there is "no army and navy" to look after the Chittagonian language, I fear one day this language will go extinct. Nowadays, Bengali is currently spoken in almost every Chittagonian household. For centuries, Bengali and Chittagonian coexisted harmonically in the region of Chittagong. As Bengali speaking people fear Hindi will take over Bengali one day, I fear that this phenomenon is already happening with Chittagonian.

Young couples of Chittagong nowadays prefer to teach and speak Bengali with their children, and if this trend continues for another 50 years, our beloved Chittagonian will go extinct for sure.

I have nothing against Bengali; I love Bengali and I am very good in speaking it. In fact, I deal with English speakers and Bengali speakers more than I deal with Chittagonian speakers. I do not mind doing everything in Bengali but I do not want to stop speaking my mother tongue, Chittagonian.

This is my humble effort to do something for Chittagonian because I want my language to be around and well preserved for generations to come. I am also a proud contributor of Wikipedia for the Chittagonian language.

Chittagonian is part of the Indo-European language family. Chittagonian sounds a lot like Rohingya and the Assamese language. About 16 million people speak in Chittagonian around the world and it ranked 63rd in the world by its number of speakers.

Here is the link for the Chittagonian Language in Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chittagonian_language